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Tonic Bistro Lunch Dinner Menu

Tea Time  &  Desserts

Tonic Bistro Dessert Menu

At Tonic Bistro & Bar, we want you to be able to enjoy a night out with outstanding food and drinks, knowing that your dietary needs are well taken care of. We are always updating our menu to incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients from local sources and we take pride in our unique handcrafted dishes. We are  experienced in catering to different dietary needs and preferences, so you can sit back and relax knowing you'll be well taken care of.

Martinborough Coffee
karamu coffee logo

About our Coffee...Kiwis take their cuppa quite seriously and so do we here at Tonic we are proud to team up with...

Karamu Coffee

Hand roasted in Wellington, our coffee is consistently smooth, delicious and rich – And it feels as good as it tastes. We look after the environment, and everyone involved in producing our coffee. From the people who grow and pick the beans, to the barista who hands you your cup. We have been perfecting our craft since 2007.

Karamu Coffee Deluxe Blend
Blended from Mexican Chiapas, Nicaraguan Segovia, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe & Sidamo beans.
Bright floral front with a smooth rich caramel finish.
Roasted medium to dark
Fairtrade and Organic

Award winning beans

karamu coffee logo
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